Warning: Contains Spoilers!!!

Find yourself stuck on a puzzle in the game? No shame in that! Here's a walkthrough to help you complete Fuchsia with a little less difficulty!

Chapter 1:

  • In the starting area, grab the coconut and the bottle with a message inside.

  • Go two tiles to the right and one down. There, use the coconut with the large, sharp-looking rock. This will break the coconut and give you a key.

  • Go one tile up and use the key on the shed door.

  • Inside the shed, pick up the shovel and the rake.

  • Outside the shed, go two tiles down to the red 'X' and use the shovel on it. This will give you a rusty metal rod.

  • Go back to the shed and use the rusty rod with the barrel of acid, to get the rust off. You will now have a clean rod.

  • Go to the tree with the tubing caught in it -- one tile below the starting tile --, and use the rake with the tubing to get it down from the tree.

  • Go one tile down, and pick up the large, bright-orange flower. 

  • In your inventory, right-click the message-in-a-bottle to take the message out.

  • Go one tile to the right, where the stream is, and use your empty bottle with the stream. You now have freshly-bottled water.

  • Use the bottled water with the bright flower in your inventory. This will give you a strange red drink. 

  • Go to the center tile, where the strange machine is.

  • Use the clean rod, the tubing, and the strange red liquid on the machine. A cutscene will begin!

Chapter 2:

  • Go inside the hotel. Here, you will see in elevator directly ahead; the elevator, however, is not currently working.

  • Go one tile to the right. Here, you will find a hallway with a ton of doors. 

  • Go through the first door. Pick up the fire-stoker, then go back out into the hallway.

  • Go through the fourth door and use the fire-stoker to break the window. The repairman bear will get up and leave the room, leaving a key behind. Pick up the key and go back out into the hall.

  • Go back to the main lobby, where the broken elevator is. 

  • Go one tile up, and use the key on the door there. 

  • Pick up the saw and the screwdriver, and go back to the hallway with all the doors.

  • Go through the first hallway door again, and use the saw on the deer-head mantle-piece and the bearskin rug; this will get you a deer head and a bear head.

  • Go back into the hallway and go through the second door.

  • Grab the wizard hat off the coat rack, and use it on the mannequin head. A key will appear. Grab the key and go back into the hallway. 

  • Use the key you just picked up on the final door at the end of the hallway and go inside. 

  • Use the screwdriver in your inventory on the pinball machine. This will give you a button panel. Go back to the hallway.

  • Go through the fifth door in the hallway. Use the deer head in your inventory on the headless deer, and the bear head you have on the headless bear. They will thank you and give you their electric guitar as a present. 

  • Use the screwdriver on the electric guitar. This will give you some wires. 

  • Go back to the elevator room, and use the wires on the elevator control panel. Then use the button panel that you got from the pinball machine on the elevator control panel. 

  • The elevator control panel will now have all the necessary parts, but the power still isn't working. 

  • Use the fire-stoker to break the glass of the fire-extinguisher case in the elevator room. Pick up the fire-extinguisher.

  • Go back outside the hotel, where you'll find a bear who keeps drop marshmallows into his fire-pit.

  • Use the fire-extinguisher on the fire, and pick up the marshmallow there. 

  • Go back to the hotel hallway, and go through the third door there.

  • Use the sticky marshmallow on the crooked painting to hold the painting up, thus moving the bookshelf and revealing a break box. Turn the breaker box on. 

  • Go back to the elevator room and press the button. Go through the elevator and pull the switch to go up.

  • Once you exit the elevator, walk to the end of the balcony. A short cutscene will play. Go back to the elevator and go inside. 

  • A cutscene will play.

Chapter 3:

  • When you wake up after the elevator falls, walk to the end of the strange hallway and go into the hut there. A cutscene will play.

  • During this cutscene, the wizard will give you a ship-in-a-bottle.

  • After the cutscene, go into the new elevator outside the hut and use the up switch. This elevator will take you back to the area of Chapter 1.

  • Go to the tile where you got the rusty rod by digging the red 'X.' 

  • Pick up the cement bag and and the bucket. 

  • Go one tile to the left. Use the bucket with the stream to get a bucket full of water.

  • Use the water bucket in your inventory with the bag of cement. This will give you a bucket full of hardened cement.

  • Go back to the first tile. Use the fire-stoker in your inventory to break the ship-in-a-bottle's glass. This will give you a ship. 

  • Use the ship with the ocean on the first tile, and click the ship to travel to a new island. 

  • On this island, a tentacle will destroy your ship, and a plank will fall off. Pick up the plank.

  • Use the plank with the rock there.

  • Use the bucket of dried cement with the plank-on-the-rock. 

  • Use the saw in your inventory with the palm tree that is on the verge of breaking. The palm tree will fall, launching the bucket of cement. 

  • The final cutscene will play!

Congratulations on beating Fuchsia!!!

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